I graduated in Natural Sciences, giving exams in all fundamental disciplines, then obtained a PhD studying the behaviour and genetics of social wasps, and subsequently worked for two years as a science writer.
Now I study the nature of science itself and the mis-behaviours of scientists.

Professional highlights

I am one of the first natural scientists who specialized 24/7 in the study of scientific misconduct, bias and related issues, and have produced some of the largest studies assessing the prevalence of bias across disciplines and countries. Some of these publications have become quite influential, and my is one of the most popular papers published in the Public Library of Science, currently counting nearly 290,000 views.
My work and opinions are regularly cited in the popular press, and I have been involved at various levels with international conferences and initiatives, most recently the Luxemburg Agency for Research Integrity and the Research Ethics and Bioethics Advisory Committee of CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy), for which I led the development of the first CNR research integrity guidelines.

Research interests

I use advanced quantitative methods to help settle long-standing sociological and philosophical debates on the nature of science. Is there really a hierarchy of the sciences? If so, what makes a science "soft"? Are all disciplines, fields and researchers equally objective (or non-objective)? Can we tell in advance which research findings are less likely to be true? How common are bias and misconduct in science? What are their main causes? How do the media contribute to such biases? I try to answer these questions by examining patterns in the scientific literature, using meta-analysis and other statistical techniques.



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Other interests

When I am not thinking about science, I am often exploring other facets of the cognitive spectrum. I am a regular meditator, play the piano, dabble in boxing, and have an occasional go at the figurative arts. Here are some examples of my photographs and occasional pencil drawings. One of them was amongst the winners of Stanford's 2015 SLAC Photowalk competition, which so far is the only photography competition I ever participated - that's a 100% success rate, people!